A Word from the Founders

We started this organization with our own passions and interests at mind. We both began our journey as BRITE Research Scholars here at SMU, which ultimately pushed us into the world of research. Both of us grew in love with chemistry and its application, with much due credit to our advisors, Dr. Tsarevsky (Zoya’s advisor) and Dr. Zoltowski (Hilary’s advisor). However, at SMU, we often noticed that the spotlight was pointed to athletics, business, or engineering. This often left the truly ingenious researching happening in all fields–in labs and places in every building on campus–in the shadows, unnoticed by students, and underfunded by administration. Our college careers were molded by our research experience, and we wanted every student to be aware of the research opportunities afforded to them at SMU. For those already involved in research, we wanted to build a community. With this in mind, we set off.

SMU Honors Research Association started with an information session in May 2013. Expecting upwards to (maybe) twenty people, we were extremely shocked that our informational drew in close to a hundred! Fast-forward to today and we are celebrating our second anniversary with this journal and a chartered organization our senior year.

As we pass on this organization and its initiatives to future students, we hope our passion remains embodied in this foundation and our legacy continue to help future students. Research is just a funny way of saying “to search for solutions, create innovation, and answer universal questions”. Immerse yourself in it!

Zoya Mohammad, Hilary Hopkins
SMU HRA Presidents, 2014-2015