September Newsletter

Your fellow HRA members love you so much. That’s why our outreach chair, Maya Muralidhar, is committed to providing you with monthly updates to spur your research onward! Look through the whole post—there’s so much going on at SMU, whether you’re in Dedman, Lyle, Meadows, or elsewhere.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4, at 5:00 PM in Dallas Hall 116. This meeting is important because we’ll discuss freshman leadership positions and our two publications: Kairos and the SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research. You can learn all about Engaged Learning and Big iDeas from the director, Susan Kress. Next, Dr. David D. Doyle will introduce Richter Fellowships, letting you spend a summer or winter exploring your passions. Finally, Dillon Wackerman will introduce the publication process.

We have positions available on our Research Council and our journal editorial boards; for more details, come see us on the 4th!

Travel to Poland with the Embrey Human Rights Program!
The annual Holocaust trip to Poland, which takes place from December 18-30, has opened up applications!  Scholarship applications are due by September 25th and travel applications are due by October 3rd.  Email Sherry Aikman at for more information!

Do Research Using 3D Printing and Robotics!
Interested in working with 3D printing?  The Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, and Automation (LAMRA) is looking for an undergraduate student to work with their faculty/grad student team in 3D printing material research.  Email your resume and statement to Professor Adam Cohen at for consideration.

MEADOWS Grants Available!If you’re a Meadows student who is currently working on an interdisciplinary project, then apply for a grant!  Forms can be found here and should be submitted to the proper Chairs/Directors by September 23rd.

Join the McNair Scholars Program!
The McNair Scholars program is a great way for undergraduates interested in research to get faculty mentorship, research fellowships, and guidance in applying to graduate school, among many other benefits!  You can find the application, which is due in late September, on the SMU McNair Scholars website.

Richter Fellowship Showcase
Have a desire to travel abroad and research at the same time?  Go see the Richter Fellows Presentations, 12:30-1:15 pm on Friday at the Hughes-Trigg Forum!  See what several upperclassmen have done with their fellowship and find out how you can get involved. Students have explored prostitution in the UK and US, pain management in childbirth in the Netherlands, and rural electrification in Bolivia.


Majors/Minors: Physics, Mathematics, and World Languages (German and Spanish)
Favorite Course: Complex analysis
Research Interests: Over the summer, I did research at CERN writing code in ROOT, a C++ framework for large data analysis that was used for visualizing the 4-vectors of particles from some interesting collisions detected by ATLAS.  During the school year, I do research under Dr. Duncan MacFarlane looking at quantum mechanical phenomena using optics.
Favorite Moment in Research: I guess the first time I set foot at CERN.  That place is like holy ground for particle physics so it was super surreal to actually be there.
After I graduate: I want to definitely go to physics grad school and get my PHD in theoretical particle physics.  I’m thinking about attempting to go to graduate school in a German speaking country, so I can improve my language speaking skills at the same time.
Hobbies:  I play saxophone (still need to have one of my own) and am learning to play guitar.  I like music a ton and listen to a lot of classic rock, rap, jazz, and r&b.  I also longboard too.
Other Organizations: Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated, Association of Black Students, Women’s Interest Network, Society of Physics Students. Mustang Heroes, Natural Hair Club

Let us know if you or an organization is doing anything research related that you want everyone to know about. Happy Researching!
Honors Research Association